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Experiencia virtual educativa: Sistema Inmunológico (InmunoVR)

Platform: Samsung Gear VR - Unreal Engine

Disclaimer: I've participated in this project only on my role of Tutor

InmunoVR is a simulation whose mission is to provide an educational experience that helps high school students to understand, in a playful way, a subject that is difficult to understand with traditional means.

Unlike a book, this tool uses concepts and practices of experiential learning to transmit knowledge through the use of Virtual Reality.

The objective of simulation is to transmit knowledge through a three-dimensional virtual environment, using an emerging technology that is increasingly common.

Icon File Description
  Article about the project as appeared at 'La Diaria' paper (2018-10-18). inmunovr-proyecto-educativo-permite-recorrer-el-sistema-inmunologico-la-diaria-201811062005.pdf
  Article about the project as appeared at Comité Central Israelita del Uruguay website (2018-10-19). inmunovr-proyecto-educativo-permite-recorrer-el-sistema-inmunologico-cciu201811072222.pdf
  Complete abstract from Universidad ORT Uruguay website (2018-11-07). inmunovr-experiencia-virtual-educativa-sistema-inmunologico-ort-201811072218.pdf