• Maintenance of CMVisit that is a medical visitors management system that let them register their sells in a HP-Jornada 720 portable equipment. This system was developed in Embedded Visual Basic 3.0 and Visual Basic 6.0 (for the PC version of the system and data replication). We used SQLServer as database.
  • Maintenance of CMVisit in Glaxo SmithKline laboratory. In this place I made some customizations of this product in order to satisfy the client requirements.
  • Maintenance and management of QEIP that is a content management system. This let the user manage their sites through an easy to use interface without advanced computer knowledges. This system was developed in Java, with JSP pages and Javascript. JSP pages let the system communicate with the business classes and with the persistence layer for multiple databases.
  • Management and maintenance of the following websites:,,, which, based on the previously described software (QEIP) allow e-commerce management of these malls. These are the different tasks performed during this period: Publication of virtual goods, retail, sales, promotions, online sweepstakes sales, sending video greetings from customers, telephone support staff of the shopping malls, email support. Those portals use JRun 4 as a web server and application server. (Currently these systems are working on the latest version of InnovaPortal).
  • Maintenance and management of InnovaPortal portals, which is the successor to QEIP. It can handle various types of content (surveys, forms, discussion forums, rich text, banners, courses, newsletters, etc) and also has an advanced permissions system for users and groups. It uses JSPs and Javascript to display dynamic pages and servlets for communication between these and the robust set of domain classes that support the services described above. I created only one type of content that let you manage Flash movies and helped in the development of a Newsletter content type. Also I've helped in the writing of a user-level course as well as in a manual to guide them in the use of the tool.
  • Small maintenance tasks of InnovaNet software for intranets, InnovaPortal product that works and allows the management and operation of an intranet using the management of permissions and content types supplied by InnovaPortal.
  • Requirements, analysis, design and implementation of some services on the portal, which represents the various services provided by DHL Uruguay. This site lets the people follow packages, complete commercial invoices, get hours, information about offices, see the directory of customers, browse the site in two languages supported natively by InnovaPortal. After the introduction of the main product along with the specific adaptations made for the customer, I did a complete training in the use of the product as well as provided online support for them.
  • Installation of InnovaPortal and Innovanet for the portal The installation of the same was done in a Mandrake Linux distribution, with a MySQL database. The web and application server was JBOSS version 3.2.1. Lately I installed a newer version of the product using the web and application server Jetty version 4.2.15.
  • Small maintenance of the site as well as phone and email support.
  • Requirement elicitation, analysis, design and implementation of CMVisit in Andromaco laboratory. We made several meetings in order to coordinate how to interface with their systems, methods of implantation of the device, software, hardware that could be used, etc.. Some adjustments on the original product were made being the most notable the change of platform from the HP-Jornada 720 to the HP IPAQ-2210. The system had a replication mechanism to synchronize the mobile device with the server but should be used in a PC with the cradle. For this project I implement a system for remote replication, which allows the pharmaceutical sales people both in Montevideo and the rest of the country replicate information from anywhere via the telephone line. Was also strengthened everything related to business management of the visitors to enhance activities related to sales. Besides these activities, we performed data migration from multiple sources to the main database for the purpose of reuse most of the existing information. After the period of implantation of the device I made an step by step training, which takes place in three workshops with different groups of visitors for a week.I also wrote a user manual for the main activities of the mobile software and documentation for the maintenance of the entire system.
  • Installation of Innovaportal and Innovanet at Branaa tannery for the development of their intranet over a SuSE Linux platform. Jetty v.4.2.15 was used as webserver.