• Share server: not only did I replace the old one, but I made it more flexible (not tied to slide sizes). It was also prepared to scale without limit by placing it behind AWS CloudFront.
  • IG/FB integration of insights
  • Embeds analytics
  • New share service to deliver embeds
  • Scraping tool to get assets from user's websites
  • Generate suggestions using ML algorithms, merging templates with user's assets
  • Public accounts accesible through QR code with geolocation to show nearest flyers
  • Rules engine to analize the project while the user is working on it and provide insights
  • Background removal tool
  • Image inferrer service to analyze images using pre-trained models and get insights as colors, objects, faces, etc.
  • Collage generator engine to create collages from a set of rules using the information provided by the image inferrer