Learned lessons

PART I: HOW TO ANALYZE ARGUMENTS (or identify, simplify, and arrange their parts to show how they are connected in a structure)

  • Week One: How to Spot an Argument
  • Week Two: How to Untangle an Argument
  • Week Three: How to Reconstruct an Argument

PART II: HOW TO EVALUATE DEDUCTIVE ARGUMENTS (or determine whether their premises validly imply their conclusions)

  • Week Four: Propositional Logic and Truth Tables
  • Week Five: Categorical Logic and Syllogisms

PART III: HOW TO EVALUATE INDUCTIVE ARGUMENTS (or determine whether their premises provide enough reason to believe their conclusions)

  • Week Six: What are Inductive Arguments?
  • Week Seven: Causal Reasoning
  • Week Eight: Probability and Decisions

PART IV: HOW TO MESS UP ARGUMENTS (or commit common but tempting fallacies)

  • Week Nine: Fallacies of Vagueness and Ambiguity
  • Week Ten: Fallacies of Relevance and Vacuity
  • Week Eleven: How to Refute an Argument
  • Week Twelve: How to Apply these Methods to Everyday Arguments